Pizza Roma Brand Identity & Social
Media Campaigns

Pizza Roma is a pizza chain delivering and serving Roman-style, thin-crust pies. Born in Rome and raised in Dhaka, the brand was one of the first delivery services in town . We were involved in creating the brad identity, packaging, interior, and social media content since the begining.


In Thin Crust
We Trust

Think Italian cliches, Wise Guys and #’s, spiced with Dhaka street culture.

Group 2@2x
Group 3@2x

Digital Campaign

The Last Slice

The digital campaigns changed over time, but were always stamped with a signature out-of-the-pizza-box humour and extra cheesy boldnes. It took some effort, but we were able to popularize thin-crust pizza in a fat-crust society. Among many milestones, was the Biriyani Pizza*, an April Fools campaign which set the phone ringing of the hook and the internet buzzing.


Inside Out

We designed the interior of the pizza joint. Punny murals, installations and a really funky toilet. There is nothing that a little gold spray paint can’t fix.